As a former Traffic Homicide Investigator, it was my duty to document all evidence through reconstruction, photographs, witness(s) and suspect(s) interviews, attend autopsy's, vehicle(s) inspections, evidence submissions, prepare a final report which included a scaled diagram with its legend sheet. If warranted, I would then file the applicable charges.

   Out of respect for the families, I did not post any images which included participants. All but one image (FHP patrol car) involved a fatality(s).

I titled this section "CONSEQUENCES" because in a split second a simple mistake, distraction, stupidity, can lead to devastating consequences .


   I think the worst part of my job was when I had to notify a family member of their loss.

The video below was from a case where the Deputy car cam captured a traffic stop. This crash occurred because the at-fault driver stared at the traffic stop instead of the road. The car drifted in the direction of the driver's line of sight, which was the traffic stop on the shoulder of the road.